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Communal children’s book




Communal children’s book project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, helping the progress of integration of immigrants.

Culture Power Station carries out, through communal methods, a children’s book which will include both Somali and Finnish text, as well as watercolor paintings as illustrations. Contents of the book are created based on joint group discussions. Group in charge of the contents consists of five people of Somali background and one illustrator of Iraqi background. Additionally the project has a coordinator and a layout designer.

Proofreading of the Somali language text will be done in cooperation with the Northern Finland Somali Support Association (Pohjois-Suomen somalialainen tukiyhdistys). To ensure the text is easy to read and the contents of the stories are interesting cooperation has been done with immigrant families in the Meri-Toppila region, families found through MLL FamilyNest Toppila contacts.

Book revolves around  two Somali children, Ali and Hani, and their everyday life in wintery Finland.

Book will be published during May, 2019, and after its publication, it will be available through Culture Power Station.

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