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Everyone is welcome to the trip to Pilpasuo, Monday, 4.11.2019.

Posted 15/10/2019

At Pilpasuo one gets to spend time surrounded by beautiful nature, far from the rush of everyday life. Schedule includes wandering around the nature trails and roasting sausages. You should also bring your own packed lunch with you on the trip.
Free of charge bus transportation to Pilpasuo leaves from the Culture Power Station’s Roundhouse at Paalikatu 3 in Meri-Toppila, 4.11., at 10:00, return to the Roundhouse at around 15:00.

Information about Pilpasuo
In Finnish
In English
Registration by filling the form below (click on Read the rest of this entry)
or via email:
Registration ends 1.11.2019.

Activity supported by: City of Oulu / municipal influence and communal activities.

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Art exhibition -project in Tuira, 7.10 – 11.11.2019

Posted 3/10/2019


Art workshops for children and youths continue at the Culture Power Station’s temporary facilities in Tuira! Parents are also still more than welcome to come along and make art together with the children.

In October-November, there will be painting to be done on Mondays from 7.10.2019 onwards, 16:00 – 18:00 & 18:00 – 20:00 (not during autumn holiday on week 43). Due to high demand, we are organising two groups. In between sessions, we will let the paint layers dry up and the works are then continued during the following meetings. Remember to wear clothes which you don’t mind seeing covered in paint! Not all paints come out when washing.

Project culminates in the MADE IN TUIRA –exhibition in November-December.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION is desirable due to the project’s nature, limited materials and space available. Maximum number of participants is approx. 20 artists.

Registration and inquiries:
Anna Koivukangas
phone 0400 292 681 – text message or whatsapp are just fine

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Art & Energy –seminar on the island of Muhu in Estonia, 5.–6.10.2019

Posted 1/10/2019


Culture Power Station coordinates the Elements of Ecological Community –project, part of which is the Art & Energy –seminar held on the island of Muhu in Estonia, 5. – 6.10.2019, organized by the Muhu InSEA NGO.


For more information:
Kari Lunnas

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Ali and Hani’s favourite animals / Ali iyo Hani xaywanka eyjecel yihin –book has been published

Posted 25/9/2019


Communally produced Ali and Hani’s favourite animals / Ali iyo Hani xaywanka eyjecel yihin –book is available free of charge / for postage fees.

Book is a children’s book in both Somali and Finnish languages, aimed at small children. Book’s events describe ordinary things in the everyday life of a Somali family in a wintery Finland. Its main characters are three and five years of age. Book has 34 pages and features a colour picture on each spread.

Book can be ordered for the cost of postage fees by filling the form below or can be picked up at the Culture Power Station office during office hours 9 – 16 at Tuirantie 1, 90500 Oulu. If the form is not visible, click on Read the rest of this entry.

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Media club Verso, Thursdays at residents’ house Alvari

Posted 29/8/2019


Media club Verso, aimed at comprehensive school-aged children, assembles Thursdays, 16:30 – 18:00 at residents’ house Alvari (Kuorimokatu 1). At the club, we will delve into the secrets of video, audio, photography and animation by making and experiencing them. Be brave and welcome along! Your tutors are Jenni and Sami.

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Art workshops for children and youths

Posted 19/8/2019

Farshaxanka Art Project’s open art workshop for children and youths.
Mondays 16:00 – 20:00. (Finnish only)

NB! Due to the renovation at the Roundhouse art workshop, we will assemble in Tuira, at Tuirantie 1 (green wooden house, former crisis centre) during the early autumn.

19.8. Sticker workshop – let’s make our own gaze- and weatherproof stickers, everyone is welcome to get acquainted with our activities and the spaces in Tuira! Check out the event’s own page (Finnish only)
26.8. Miniature worlds – Sculpting using recycled materials – let’s craft miniature worlds and contemplate one’s own relationship with nature
2.9. Dance workshop: self-expression through dance – guest teacher Marlene, UG Moves (do arrive by 17:00 for a joint start)
9.9. Emotional painting – expressing ourselves through colours and shapes
16.9. Relationship mess – dealing with friend relationships through art
23.9. Face painting – plan and carry out personalized face paintings

Workshops are suitable for school age children and youths – younger and why not older ones too are welcome if accompanied by a parent. Free admission. Pop-up: you can stay a while or the whole evening. We will provide small snacks, bringing your own is also allowed!

Tutor: artist Anna Koivukangas and her aides
For more information
or by phone 0400 292 681,

P.S. Coming up – 30.9. Trip to Ponitouhut in Nallikari – requires advance registration
P.P.S. From October onwards we will most likely assemble in the usual place at the Roundhouse art workshop in Meri-Toppila.

Activity supported by City of Oulu (Funding for preventive activities)

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Experimental sculpting workshop 6. – 8.9.2019

Posted 19/8/2019

Experimental sculpting workshop weekend in Tuira.
Address Tuirantie 1, green wooden house, former crisis centre

Friday 18:00 – 20:00 Introduction / inspirational lecture
Saturday – Sunday 12:00 – 18:00 workshopping


In this not-so-traditional sculpting workshop, participants will apply various techniques and means of expression of three-dimensional working. Work will be based off of each one’s individual interests.

Starting point could be for example some recycled or natural material. Your goal may be to complete the sculpture during the weekend using your chosen materials. You are similarly welcome to start/continue/finish your own project. Focus of your work can be in planning of a sculpture or experimenting with techniques. You can also come work in collaboration with a friend.

Workshop begins on Friday with an introduction / inspirational lecture. Saturday-Sunday the premises and grounds are in use for the participants. Weekend also includes social sculpting, using materials of thinking, speech and discussion.

Workshop’s tutor will be visual and community artist Anna Koivukangas, who is very much at home with snow- and ice-sculpting, as well as different techniques utilizing various recycled materials.

Event on Facebook (Finnish only):

PRICE: 20€ for Culture Power Station members, 25€ non-members. (Organization’s membership fee is 10€; for the unemployed and students 5€ - if you wish, you may join the organization upon registration).

Participants will be able to use art workshop’s basic materials and supplies, for further information, contact the tutor. Participants will bring their own materials as needed. Tutoring and materials in Finnish (non-Finnish speakers are welcome).

Binding registration as well as inquiries regarding the course contents, materials, etc. directly to the tutor: Anna Koivukangas, phone 0400 292 681 or

Facebook group for participants:

Billing done via email.

NB Limited places available!

Course supported by city of Oulu / municipal influence and communal activities.

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Culture Power Station Arts’ Night 15.8.2019

Posted 12/8/2019


Activities in Toppila and Tuira

Residents’ house Alvari (Kuorimokatu 1) activities, 12:00 – 15:00:

  • Poetry lunch – Eeva Maria al-Khazaali 12:00 – 13:00
    Free lunch for the first 20 participants
  • Martti Laatikainen photo exhibition – opening 13:00

 Meri-Toppila park activities:

  • The Andruids 13:30 – 14:30 (if there is rain, takes place in Alvari)

 Tuirantie 1 activities, 13:00 – 18:00:

  • community art workshop
  • bracelet workshop
  • Janne Remes digital art space
  • Eeva Maria al-Khazaali recites poetry at 15:00

 Program changes possible.

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Roundhouse has temporarily relocated to Tuirantie

Posted 6/8/2019

Due to the air conditioning renovation at Paalikatu 3, Culture Power Station Roundhouse’s activities have temporarily relocated to Tuirantie 1, 90500 Oulu.

You can still reach us via familiar email addresses and phone numbers, the mailing address also remains the same.

You’re welcome to pop by and say hi to us in Tuira!

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Pride Week bracelet workshop 5.8.2019

Posted 5/8/2019


Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station ry organizes a bracelet workshop on Monday, 5.8.2019, 14:00 – 18:00 in residents' house Alvari (Kuorimokatu 1, Meri-Toppila). Workshop is part of the Culture Power Station’s summery open doors workshop series.

Come craft your own bracelet in pride colors!

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