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Roundhouse Art workshop open doors, Mondays 14:00 – 18:00

Posted 6/6/2019


Starting from 3.6.2019, on summer Mondays the doors of the Roundhouse Art workshop are open for those who wish to participate in creating spontaneous art. Workshop is open to children as well as adults on Mondays, 14:00 – 18:00. See you at the Roundhouse!

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Excursion club trip to Marjaniemi in Hailuoto 27.6.2019

Posted 5/6/2019

Excursion club trip to Marjaniemi in Hailuoto and an emu farm 27.6.2019!

Departure at 9:15 from Culture Power Station Roundhouse in Meri-Toppila (Paalikatu 3), return to the same place at around 15:45.

Trip is open to all and participation fee is 1€.

Sign up by filling the form below or via email to

Activity supported by: City of Oulu / municipal influence and communal activities.

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Posted 16/5/2019



SELF-PORTRAITS from MERI-TOPPILA is an art exhibition by the children and youth Farshaxanka –art project, held in residents’ house Alvari in Meri-Toppila. Exhibition contains material from throughout the whole creative process, from various drawing exercises and sketches all the way to completed artworks.

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Toppila Bustle 21.5.2019 17:00 - 19:00

Posted 15/5/2019


Toppila is bustling again! Activities on offer in the yard of the Anchor school (Kauppaseurantie 2) include yard games, a pony ride, a magician, outdoor games, roasting sausages, face painting, yard sale, etc., fun for the whole family. Yard sale is free of charge for sellers and works on the ’spread your blanket on the ground and sell your goods’ –principle. This time, if you want to participate, you can also bring in your own activity. What kind of activities would you like to see in an event for the whole family? Boldly join in and take part in organizing!


Welcome and have an enjoyable time!

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Experimental art graphic –workshops in May 2019

Posted 10/4/2019

TIME: Wednesday 14:30 – 18:30 (more experienced participants may, upon agreement, work independently until 21:00)
DATES: 8.5., 15.5., 22.5. & 29.5.
LOCATION: Culture Power Station Art workshop, Paalikatu 3, Meri-Toppila


Art graphic group is intended to support low threshold art hobbies. Art graphics created with an experimental touch is diverse, creative, and making art utilizing recycled materials. Among the many versatile technique possibilities, everyone has a chance to find a method that fits them and their own expression style.

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Motion into pictures -short course 26.-28.4.2019

Posted 10/4/2019

JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Culture Power Station and Oulu Museum of Art organize a joint Motion into pictures –short course, combining the participant’s own motion in relation to experiences from paintings and a spontaneously created soundscape. Creators: Liisa Heikkinen (motion/JoJo), Anna Koivukangas (picture/Culture Power Station), Petri Miettinen (sound/Culture Power Station).

Course format is two practices (2 x 2h), as well as an improvisation and motional painting session (3h) to be held at the Museum of Art. Course is thus divided into two parts: MOTION –workshops at Oulu Citydance intended for course participants and a segment held at Oulu Museum of Art.  Participants are not required to have a dance background. Course has limited room for participants.

Oulu Museum of Art half of the course on 28.4 can be visited with the art museum entrance fee and it is part of the International Dance Day at Oulu Museum of Art –event.

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Culture Power Station gets a new chairperson

Posted 13/3/2019


Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station ry annual meeting held 1.3.2019 elected Sami Hänninen as the new chairperson. Hänninen is the second chairperson in the history of the organization which was founded in 2000. Culture Power Station longtime chairperson Kari Lunnas stepped down from the post, smilingly and with strong faith as to the future of the organization. Elected to the Culture Power Station board of directors were, in addition to the former chairperson Kari Lunnas, Petteri Heikkinen, as well as Anna Koivukangas and Christian Mauchauffee from those eligible to retire by rotation. Continuing board members from previous term are Sanna Kuusiraati and Pirjo Roponen-Lunnas. Board of directors organizational meeting to be held on week 10.

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Winter day event for fathers, mothers and children in Toppila

Posted 5/3/2019


Open to all and free of charge winter holiday event offers a variety of fun activities. Come explore the world of snow scuplting and stick figures. Welcome!

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Toppila Valentine’s Day event, 14.2.2019, 16:00-19:00

Posted 12/2/2019


Toppila Valentine’s Day event offers a chance to meet local doers, through doing and being together. We have drawn up a map with various stops marked on it. Each stop hosts fun family-friendly activity. You can tour the stops in any order.

More detailed map can be opened via the QR code and one can also snap a picture of the poster.

Adventure in Meri-Toppila is worth it, as by collecting a stamp on the Heart Pass from each stop and returning the pass at the last stop, you will take part in a raffle. Heart Passes are available at the stops!

Koskela parish hall
Culture Power Station Veturitalli roundhouse
MLL – FamilyNest
Residents’ house Alvari
Meri-Toppila daycare center
Culture Silo
Toppila youth center
Toppilan Tornadot assembles at the parking lot by the Reenis end of the building

Reenis: 2x visitation gift card
Kipulihakset: massage gift card
Turun Kultaseppä Oy: jewelry gift
Sale Toppila: surprise gift

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Silo Day Sat 16.6. at Culture silo

Posted 8/6/2018

Kulttuurivoimala - Culture Power Station ry organizes an all-family event outdoors at the yard of Kulttuurisiilo.

Silo Day is held on Sat 16.6.

There is music, workshops and all kinds of activities for all ages!



Katri Kangas - Finnish zither music 
Karoliina Inkilä - heavier ukulele playing
Duo Pula Ulapalla - ambient duo action
Thor Eerik feat. Cosmic Fool - cosmic guitar playing
Duo Pia & Paavo - acoustic pop
The Andruids - electronic music
Päätösjamit - jam session open for all

Sielunsivellin - Community painting
Underground Moves - Street dance jam
Oulun Frisbeeseura ry - Frisbee golf stop
Oulun Kiipeilykeskus - Get-to-know-climbing
Katukirppis - Come buy and sell
Potrettiparkki - Digital potrait to your e-mail
Community electronic music workshop

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