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Kulttuurivoimala's activities return to normal in August

Posted 27/7/2020


In August Kulttuurivoimala's activities return to normal and the people currently working from home return to the workplace.

Open Doors continue at Veturitalli until 17.8. The Open Doors are held on Mondays at 14:00-17:00.

Senior club activities continue as usual on Tuesdays at 13:30-14:30 in residents' house Alvari. Notifications for the continuation of other club activities shall be posted at a later time.

Residents' house Alvari's Food Distribution ends for now on Friday 31.7.

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Kulttuurivoimala's Veturitalli's Open Doors

Posted 20/7/2020

Kulttuurivoimala's Veturitalli's open doors on Mondays 14-17Kulttuurivoimala's Veturitalli's open doors on Mondays 14-17

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Workplaces opening up starting in June

Posted 4/6/2020



Culture Power Station workplaces open up in June and activities are starting slowly, taking into consideration the prevailing situation of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Roundhouse in Meri-Toppila and Media workshop in Alppila will begin workshop activities. We will be keeping the number of people working in a shared area to a minimum, utilising remote work.

Residents’ house Alvari opens to customers with shortened opening hours, also starting Monday, 1.6.2020. On Fridays, Alvari hosts food distribution, but is otherwise closed. Detailed opening hours can be found on the residents’ house Alvari’s website.

Activity groups for school-aged children starts via an Electronic afternoon –activity at the Roundhouse, on Wednesdays 14:00 – 16:00, from 3.6.2020 onwards. Participation to Electronic afternoon available both at the Roundhouse and online. You can receive your participation link for online activities via email at

Senior club activities will continue at residents’ house Alvari on Tuesdays, 13:30 – 14:30, from 9.6.2020 onwards. During senior club, residents’ house will be closed for other customers.

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Free of charge food distribution at residents' house Alvari on Fridays, 12:00 - 14:00

Posted 7/5/2020



Food distribution at residents' house Alvari on Fridays, 12:00 - 14:00

On Fridays, residents' house Alvari, address Kuorimokatu 1, distributes meals ready to be heated at home.

Send a text message to Alvari's number 040 134 0410, letting us know your name and how many people are living in your household (number of meals). You will receive a reply via text telling you the time and the pick-up point.
You can also call and arrange for a pick-up.

When you arrive to pick up your meals, remember to keep a safe distance between other people picking up their meals.

Total of 50 meals are distributed.

Food distributions to be held at least through May.

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Culture Power Station bulletin 19.3.2020

Posted 20/3/2020


In accordance with recommendations, Culture Power Station activities are on a hiatus for the time being. Continuation of activities will be announced in a new bulletin. This hiatus includes all Culture Power Station workplaces, Roundhouse, Media workshop at Alppimaja and residents' house Alvari. Additionally, all activity groups will taking a break.

Culture Power Station employees will be doing remote work and can be reached via email and phone. We have transitioned to flextime and for this reason we advice that all phone calls be concentrated between 12:00 - 14:00. Culture Power Station chairperson can be reached normally during office hours.

Booking space at Culture Power Station facilities will be handled on a case-by-case basis. As the recommendations prohibit gatherings of more than ten people, Culture Power Station premises also cannot be reserved for such gatherings.

Culture Power Station has set up its own Discord server with text chat and speech channels. Channel is open to all. On the channel one can talk or chat, organize various digital activities and escapades, and just in general hang out together. So, if loneliness or boredom are setting in, come hang out at the Culture Power Station Discord.

Discord works on smart phones as well as on computers via browser, or if one so chooses, a Discord app can be installed.



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Culture Power Station workplaces are closed until further notice

Posted 19/3/2020


Culture Power Station workplaces (Roundhouse, Art workshop as well as residents' house Alvari) are closed until further notice and our employers will be doing remote work as a precaution due to the Coronavirus.

We can be reached via email and phone. Our contact info can be found here.

Wishing fortitude for all! Let's have spiritual intimacy!

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Annual meeting at Roundhouse, Monday, 9.3.2020, 18:00

Posted 3/3/2020

Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station ry statutory annual meeting Monday, 9.3.2020, at 18:00, at Roundhouse, address Paalikatu 3, 90520 Oulu.

Annual meeting will address statutory affairs.

On behalf of Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station ry board of directors
Sami Hänninen - chairperson

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The future of work -seminar, 10. - 11.3.2020

Posted 18/2/2020


Culture Power Station coordinates the Elements of Ecological Community –project and as part of the project, the future of work -seminar will be held in Oulu, 10. - 11.3.2020. Click on the link below to see the full seminar schedule.



Seminar schedule

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Toppila Valentine’s Day 13.2.2020,16:00 – 19:00

Posted 11/2/2020

Toppila Valentine’s Day event offers a chance to meet local doers, through doing and being together. Adventure in Meri-Toppila is worth it, as by collecting a stamp on the Heart Pass from each stop, you will take part in a raffle.

Heart Passes are available at all stops!

Each stop hosts fun family-friendly activity.
You can tour the stops in any order.

Each stop will have a map which shows all the stops; a more detailed map can be opened by scanning the QR code.


Toppila youth centre
At the Toppila youth centre one can play various board games.

Koskela parish hall
Welcome to the yard of the Koskela parish hall, enjoy the warmth of the camp fire, together with a cup of warm beverage (juice).

Koskela library/residents’ house Alvari
"Borrow a librarian! Two librarians will be here in Alvari, reading nonstop stories for people of all ages, from 16:00 till 19:00. Bring your library card along and borrow some nice books to take home with you."

Culture Power Station Roundhouse
Come to the Culture Power Station Roundhouse’s art workshop to paint your own colorful circles in the collective work of art.

Sponsoring the raffle are Sale Toppila and Reenis.

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Culture Wednesdays for elementary school students at Toppila Youth Centre

Posted 5/2/2020

On Wednesdays, at the Toppila Youth Centre, elementary school aged children can take part in art and media stuff, as well as of course just hanging out together. You can join the activities if only for a quick visit or you can stay the whole duration. Program includes among others painting together, photography, audio things, board games – without forgetting about freely hanging out at the youth centre.

Activities continue all the way until the end of May. We will take a break during winter holiday week (week 10).


 Toppila Youth Centre, address Kuivaamokatu 6, 90520 Oulu

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