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Motion into pictures -short course 26.-28.4.2019

Posted 10/4/2019

JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre, Culture Power Station and Oulu Museum of Art organize a joint Motion into pictures –short course, combining the participant’s own motion in relation to experiences from paintings and a spontaneously created soundscape. Creators: Liisa Heikkinen (motion/JoJo), Anna Koivukangas (picture/Culture Power Station), Petri Miettinen (sound/Culture Power Station).

Course format is two practices (2 x 2h), as well as an improvisation and motional painting session (3h) to be held at the Museum of Art. Course is thus divided into two parts: MOTION –workshops at Oulu Citydance intended for course participants and a segment held at Oulu Museum of Art.  Participants are not required to have a dance background. Course has limited room for participants.

Oulu Museum of Art half of the course on 28.4 can be visited with the art museum entrance fee and it is part of the International Dance Day at Oulu Museum of Art –event.

In MOTION –workshops the participants gently explore their own motions and incorporate elements and feelings found in pictures into that motion. MOTION –workshops are held by Liisa Heikkinen, audience work coordinator at JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre.

In the Oulu Museum of Art event (Sunday 28.4), participants first create an hour-long motion improvisation based on the exhibit by Terttu Jurvakainen, after which, through motion, a group artwork is painted in the Satula meeting space. Sound artist Petri Miettinen will create a soundscape for the latter session and community artist Anna Koivukangas will participate in creating the group artwork.

MOTION –workshops:
Fri 26.4. 18:45 – 20.45
Sat 27.4. 10:00 – 12:00, Dance Center Citydance, Oulu

Sun 28.4. 15:00 – 18:00, Oulu Museum of Art
Motion improvisation in the upstairs exhibit space (Terttu Jurvakainen), motional painting session in the Satula meeting space.

Price: 50€ / 35€ (for JoJo and Culture Power Station members)

Registration and further information: Liisa Heikkinen, liisa.heikkinen(a)

28.4. Museum of Art also hosts a Pirjo Yli-Maunula dance installation (Finnish only).