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Silo-channel has launched.

Posted 19/11/2019



Silo-channel, maintained by Culture Power Station, has launched. On the channel you can find programs, both video and audio recordings. Channel will be constantly providing more content and releasing it actively. Silo-channel can be found at

Silo-channel is a medium which aims at making Your voice be heard. The channel revolves around dealing with issues in a proper manner. We want to highlight issues which are not seen in mainstream media or handled appropriately in social media. We wish to deal with issues in a fact-based manner.

Our hope is that as many as possible will partake in making our programs. You can come to us with program ideas or completed projects. We want to fulfill ideas together with You or your group.

Silo-channel provides an opportunity to receive support in carrying out an idea, equipment, studio time or putting together a program. Programs are released through Silo-channel’s broadcasting platforms and they can be distributed online in accordance with the Copyright Act.