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Toppila Valentine’s Day event, 14.2.2019, 16:00-19:00

Posted 12/2/2019


Toppila Valentine’s Day event offers a chance to meet local doers, through doing and being together. We have drawn up a map with various stops marked on it. Each stop hosts fun family-friendly activity. You can tour the stops in any order.

More detailed map can be opened via the QR code and one can also snap a picture of the poster.

Adventure in Meri-Toppila is worth it, as by collecting a stamp on the Heart Pass from each stop and returning the pass at the last stop, you will take part in a raffle. Heart Passes are available at the stops!

Koskela parish hall
Culture Power Station Veturitalli roundhouse
MLL – FamilyNest
Residents’ house Alvari
Meri-Toppila daycare center
Culture Silo
Toppila youth center
Toppilan Tornadot assembles at the parking lot by the Reenis end of the building

Reenis: 2x visitation gift card
Kipulihakset: massage gift card
Turun Kultaseppä Oy: jewelry gift
Sale Toppila: surprise gift