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SUN - WIND - LIGHT - Antti Maasalo's works throughout the decades

Posted 13/3/2018

Maasalo's kinetic sun, wind and light works presented in the Culture  Silo yard.

Antti Maasalo has created abstract, often kinetic works with a spirit  leaning towards urbanism and industrialized form of life. In his works  he uses steel, wood, natural materials, plastic and utilizes video,  light, laser and computer technology. Throughout the decades he has  participated in different inter-disciplinary art events and has been  involved in organizing multiple concerts in Finland. Maasalo is one of  the founding members of the Dimensio group. He has been invited by the  President to be the Kultaranta artist in 2012 and his works have been  seen multiple times in e.g. an international light art symposium in  Hungary.  Maasalo has been given the state award for art and the  Children's culture award.

The exhibition is related to VEETU (visual-ecological decentralized energy production model) and how Culture Power Station will be  using it from now on. 


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