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Elements of Ecological Community

Networking project.

Tuesday the 10th of March


   9.30  morning café

 10.00  Introduction of the Elements of Ecological Community –project.
             Introduction of the project partners SERDE NGO, Muhu InSEA NGO and Culture
             Power Station (CPS). Introduction of the employment activities of CPS.

 11.00  researcher Aino-Maria Isola (THL): Community economies as sources of

             employment. (and discussion)

 12.00  comments from the representatives of the City of Oulu and TE Services

 13.00  experiences of local associations, participants etc. Videos produced by CPS

 14.00  lunch in Satamaravintola (Lounasbuffet Satamaravintola, price  9.80€)

 15.00 – 16.00  discussions: What is the future of employment politics? What are the new questions we should ask?


Wednesday the 11th of March

 Travel to Hailuoto:

- introduction of the Hailuoto municipality, meeting with local artists