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Fairytale Networks - Lönnrot's New Friends

Fairytales have long traditions and appear in all the cultures of the world. They connect people born on different sides of the globe and in different cultures.

Culture Power Station gathers and preserves immigrants' fairytale heritage in the spirit of Lönnrot.
Lönnrot's New Friends is a series of videos that create connections to international fairytale traditions.
Through the videos immigrants can get their voices heard and learn Finnish.

Fairytale Networks - Lönnrot's New Friends (Satujen verkostot - Lönnrotin uudet ystävät) was a part of Finland's 100 years of Independence celebrations in 2017. 

The fairytales were published in late 2017.

Susi ja lintuemo (Wolf and Bird Mother)

Kaksi kissaa ja apina (Two Cats and a Monkey)

Aasinkorvainen kuningas (King with Donkey Ears)

Juha ja kauppias (Juha and Merchant)

Rheis ja Laila (Rheis and Laila)