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Work from Art

Work from Art -project is a so called employment policy project developed by Kulttuurivoimala - Culture Power Station ry and it is targeted for the experts of media and visual art who have been unemployed for a long period of time. They can join the project via pay subsidy or work try-out.


    1)    You get experiences from work life and material to your portfolio

            You will make different art or media projects during the Work from Art project. The projects are agreed upon/decided mutually.

    2)    Guidance to artistic work and creating a modern portfolio taking in consideration the demands of the visual field.

    3)    Networks for furthering employment

            You get to hear the field's experts give speeches that can inspire you and guide your working.

            The project will also organize visits for you to media and art companies and organizations.



Sami Hänninen - project manager

+358 4O 184 2111 / taiteestatyota(at)

Eeva al-Khazaali - project worker

+358 4O 542 0206 / taiteestatyota(at)