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Our society lives in a time of transition, meaning both uncertainty as well as constant change. How can we affect the events churning all around us? One way is to tell your own opinion and present possibilities for the future. We want to jump-start and maintain social discourse.


This column is intended to offer critique, evaluations hopefully also alternatives. Column is not abstruse theories or light-hearted superficiality – humor, irony and satire are permissible. Our goal is to bring forth analysis, social criticism and alternative points of view. We wish to tackle serious issues using irony, humor and critical examination. At the center of the column’s texts are analysis, social criticism, generalizability and different points of view.


Blogs entail people’s thoughts and experiences on current events. A blog can deal with local issues, but the goal is to find wider social generalizability from the topics. Writings do however have a connection to society, arts and culture. Thus it is not a playground for fuzzy media, rather an introduction column intended for critical debate. Discourse is a part of culture and democracy.


For this column, we have invited writers from all over Finland. Behind their voices there is extensive experience and professional skill. You can also offer articles for the blog column. We have an editorial staff whose job is also to moderate. Editorial staff also offers language planning assistance. If you are uncertain about your writing know-how, our staff can help. In this situation your text is read and given language revisions. Revised text is sent back to you for reading and approval, after which it is published in the column. Editorial staff also reserves all the rights on publishing decisions. All texts are published under their writer’s real name. Writer is additionally asked to provide a short introduction.


Editorial staff chairperson and column editor-in-chief is the association’s chairperson, journalist Kari Lunnas. Sub-editor Pirjo Haikala. Staff also includes Pirjo Roponen-Lunnas and Sami Hänninen, and if necessary, may call in an expert to review the contents.


Articles and writing suggestions accepted via email at: media(at)


Kari Lunnas - chairperson
Kulttuurivoimala - Culture Power Station ry

As an immigrant in Estonia

Posted 23/1/2019

No matter what country one is in, perhaps the most important aspects of immigrant life are contacts with local residents.

Pirjo Roponen-Lunnas

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”Bloody-Toppila” is a different Toppila, this is Meri-Toppila

Posted 21/11/2018

The following text is written based on thoughts raised by the Helsingin Sanomat article headlined ”Kenenkään ei tarvitse esittää, että menee hyvin, jos ei mene” – ”Veri-Toppilassa” näkyy rikosten koko kirjo, ja se voi nostaa Oulun räikeisiin otsikoihin, published on November 4, 2018.

meri IPA: [ˈme̞ri] = sea

veri IPA: [ˈʋe̞ri] = blood

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In love and getting married

Posted 21/11/2018

"When a foreigner first applies for a residence permit based on family ties (read: marriage) to Finland, they have to make a substantial payment to the Finnish Immigration Service which handles the documents, provide marriage certificate and answer a stack of forms. These ask among others, how the dating started, when it started, describe how the dating has been and who wanted to get married. But this does not guarantee gaining residence permit in itself. Finnish Immigration Service can summon the permit applicant and their spouse for an interview, where the officials want to clarify the nature of the relationship. Interviews lasting for several hours ask about everything relating to shared family life, from such everyday matters as nicknames or what your spouse drinks while eating to information provided in the documents."
- Eeva-Maria al-Khazaali

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Like brothers: everyday life of Iraqi asylum seekers

Posted 16/11/2018

"For the past few years, my inner circle has included a group of guys who are Iraqi asylum seekers. I have lived with this group in sadness, sorrow and everyday joys. I have been there with them as many negative decisions to asylum applications have come, and been with them at the doctor’s, social worker’s, police and lawyer’s – whenever someone has needed me."
- Eeva-Maria al-Khazaali

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Tolerance is a vice?

Posted 18/10/2018

By invoking freedom of speech, one can say and write anything. That freedom also includes responsibility – is that responsibility only on part of the reader or the listener? Ethical foundations in art, science and journalism likewise lay the groundwork for democracy.”
- Pirjo Roponen-Lunnas

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