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Work or work-based training at Kulttuurivoimala


People work at Kulttuurivoimala with a variety of contracts ranging from volunteer work to so-called standard employment. We also employ people through various support systems, such as pay subsidy and rehabilitative work experience. The employment acts are always made through TE Services. 

Kulttuurivoimala also enables students to complete work-based training and skill demonstrations for social, art, media and customer service fields.

Ask more about your opportunities at Kulttuurivoimala:


PROSESSI 2 -project

work try-outs, training agreements, pay subsidy


Mia Saikkonen
+358 4O 7O7 O41O  / prosessi(at)



Work From Art -project

work try-outs, training agreements, pay subsidy


Sami Hänninen
+358 4O 184 2111 / taiteestatyota(at)

Eeva al-Khazaali
+358 4O 542 O2O6 / taiteestatyota(at)


Rehabilitative work experience

Jenni Hiltunen - work supervisor
+358 4O 7O7 72OO /

Petter Heikkinen - work supervisor

+358 4O 627 6693 /